Wednesday, October 6, 2010

color my life with the chaos of trouble

 mmm, comfy sweaters, cozy scarves, and coffee. i love fall.
 don't mind the over flowing trash cans.  pay attention to that delicious leather vintage coach purse i found at the goodwill. i love camel brown leather in the fall. camel brown boots, camel brown purse.

so i've been really into photo-editing stuff lately. this is my latest creation.  i'd like to think if i did live in my own little world, it'd look a bit like this. it makes me think of the belle and sebastian song that says: "color my life with the chaos of trouble"
i think that quote describes my life pretty well.


so i'm thinking i might change my major. not really sure what i want out of life yet, but i supposed i'll know when i find it.  i guess i'm still searching. i feel like things are changing so quickly, it's hard to keep up.  before i know it everything's going to be past tense, so i suppose i'll revel in it while it's happening.  enjoy the moment. there's this matt and kim quote i like a lot:

"thinking about tomorrow won't change how i feel today"

basically that's how i feel right now.
I'm going to start painting again, i miss it.


With love,