Saturday, June 6, 2009

FUN and Juicy NEW jewelry!!!

Necklace # 1: Leafy Long Necklace
can be worn multiple ways!
wrapped around twice or...

just long and pretty!

Necklace # 2: Candy Owl Necklace
(sure to add some indie "flavor" and vintage "sweetness" to your wardrobe.

soo deliciouss!!!

owl charm,
button/feather charm,
"wish" charm,
and heart/lavender bead charm

Necklace # 3: Juicy Leaf Necklace

had detailed metal findings on either side of clasp

close up of leaves!

the whole juicy effect..

if you are interested in purchasing any of these items then just go to
or just leave feed back for me on here if you have any comments or ideas!
with love,