Thursday, June 24, 2010

another day

vintage coach bag that I thriftily found at Goodwill a while back, new lace up/peep toe/camel brown heals from charlette russe, dusty blue studded t-shirt (I'm on a big T-shirt kick lately. esp the big plain comfy ones, or the V-neck kind with the lil front pocket), and skinny jeans with studs on outer seam. 


mmm, clothes are fun. :)


with love, 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

new beginnings

So, I finally added onto my tattoo. Unfortunately i had a bit of a bad experience though. I went to the same place I'd gone to before, Artistic Design, because they're certified and what not. However, the guy apparently dug way far into my skin so it scabbed over really bad. Also, they didn't tell me anything about how to take care of it. I even asked and they were like, "yeah, just put lotion on it." assholes. so, it started to hurt really bad and i had some tattoo knowledgeable friends look at it. They said it looked horrible and I needed to keep it moist and what not and how it was going to scar and be faded. Which really scared me. So i went to a different tattoo parlor. They were so much more professional and even gave me a pamphlet on all the right types of lotion and ointment. So, now I am nursing my poor little birdy tattoos back to health. Hopefully it won't scar up too horribly. I'll have to get them touched up for sure though.

Also, at the end of the school year there is always a huge art show. I got to be in it and demonstrate oil painting, had my own little table and everything. :D It was fun.
Then came Graduation! AH. and my open house was today, quite a success I might add. We had a chocolate fondu fountain and everything. I just felt so weird at graduation though, it really did not sink in and still hasn't really. I guess when I go to college in the fall it will HAVE to sink in. lol.
This was at the Egyptian, a hookah bar in Broadripple. Went with some friends a week or so before graduation I think. 
HA! andddd, I finally got my macbook pro. LOVE. It's true love. I never knew there was such a strong love until I got this computer. It's like a best friend, pet, and lover all in one. Ah, technology is grand. So I took this picture with good ol' mac.  The little vest thingy though? you can't see it very well, but i made that. It was a cardigan but it just looked funny, so I altered it into a nifty little vest.  You like?  I like. :)
I know it's been a while, but if I do have any readers left...
thanks for reading lovelies.
With much love,