Saturday, October 17, 2009

a much needed new post.

So... a LOT has happened in the last month. I finally got the first part of my tattoo. :)
Eventually I will get the birdcage with the door opened in the center of my shoulder blades with a ribbon around it that says: "All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free." And some more birds, but this little bird is a good first start.

I went around Indy a couple times this month as well. On one adventure me and a friend went to Broadripple. We saw this butterfly and I snapped a picture. Awesome photo skillz. :) Haha, I don't know, I thought you guys might like it as much as I do. I was quite impressed with myself.

One night I went to the hookah bar in Broadripple with some friends. The place we went to is called the Egyptian and has lots of sexy Arabian waiters. :) It turned out to be an eventful/crazy night. After the hookah bar, we left and got a little tipsy, well maybe a lot tipsy. Some lessons were learned the hard way (by me face-planting into the pavement, yeah, definitely the hard way) and I've decided NOT to drink too much of anything that tastes that horrible for a very long time. Hahaa, yeah. :) However, the beginnings of the night were splendid and spent with good company.
And I got these new boots! I love them so much. I'd been wanting some camel colored boots for a while now, and I finally found them in Charlette Russe, on sale for $20. There is a God! Someone actually commented on my facebook picture saying how they loved them, so I told them where I purchased them and I guess she was buying them online that instant. I kind of laughed.

But that's pretty much it for now. I wanted to show you guys my dress I made out of an old lady ugly dress I found at a thrift store, but I don't have any good pictures of it. I'll show it to you eventually. It's very cute. :)

with love,