Saturday, October 17, 2009

a much needed new post.

So... a LOT has happened in the last month. I finally got the first part of my tattoo. :)
Eventually I will get the birdcage with the door opened in the center of my shoulder blades with a ribbon around it that says: "All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free." And some more birds, but this little bird is a good first start.

I went around Indy a couple times this month as well. On one adventure me and a friend went to Broadripple. We saw this butterfly and I snapped a picture. Awesome photo skillz. :) Haha, I don't know, I thought you guys might like it as much as I do. I was quite impressed with myself.

One night I went to the hookah bar in Broadripple with some friends. The place we went to is called the Egyptian and has lots of sexy Arabian waiters. :) It turned out to be an eventful/crazy night. After the hookah bar, we left and got a little tipsy, well maybe a lot tipsy. Some lessons were learned the hard way (by me face-planting into the pavement, yeah, definitely the hard way) and I've decided NOT to drink too much of anything that tastes that horrible for a very long time. Hahaa, yeah. :) However, the beginnings of the night were splendid and spent with good company.
And I got these new boots! I love them so much. I'd been wanting some camel colored boots for a while now, and I finally found them in Charlette Russe, on sale for $20. There is a God! Someone actually commented on my facebook picture saying how they loved them, so I told them where I purchased them and I guess she was buying them online that instant. I kind of laughed.

But that's pretty much it for now. I wanted to show you guys my dress I made out of an old lady ugly dress I found at a thrift store, but I don't have any good pictures of it. I'll show it to you eventually. It's very cute. :)

with love,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yesterday is just a memory, tomorrow is never what it's supposed to be

So the Kinkoph house hold has been under a lot of stress lately. Issues, and such. Some big changes are occuring and I believe for the better. Sometimes for things to become better, you have to hit your lowest point first, then it all goes up from there. Me and Rachel have been visiting a lot of parks lately, just to chat and take pictures (and get our minds off things). Nature can be so relaxing. There's nothing like deep heart felt conversations out in the middle of woods or by a creek. Hopefully we can go camping some day, I've actually never been! The whole bug thing seems like it would be a pain in the ass, but I could deal. :)

So today, we went to Beech Grove park. Sometimes we just drive around until we find something. The other day we found this very lovely park with trails into the woods and a big creek.

Some of Rachel's awesome photo-skillzz. Nature is so calm and beautiful. It just makes all the stress in life melt away. I recomend a visit to your local park if you haven't been lately. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon.

We tried to skip some rocks, but FAILED. Except for once. My rock skipped 3 times and I was so very proud. :)

P.S. I LOVE the boots SO much! Not the most detailed picture, but they have 3 little buckles on the side and are a dark slate grey. Target. I. Love. You.

I guess I'm just glad I have my sister in my life. I can't imagine having gone through everything with out her by my side. She's more than my best friend, because she's my sister. We'll always have each other, in everything. Even when times get pretty tough like they have been lately, I'll always be there when she needs me, and I know I can expect the same from her.

haha, there's Rachel's blog if you feel like creepin' on her.
I'm sure she'll appreciate it. :)


thanks for reading lovelies


always with love,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just some food for thought: "You were only waiting for this moment to be free"

What is it really to be free? Will one ever find genuine freedom in this world we live in?
The pursuit of happiness. To me, happiness is freedom.
The unattainable. Something is always going to hold us back, to tie us down.
I've been chasing it all my life, ever since I was a little kid, I remember staring up at the sky, getting lost in the stars, hoping with all my heart that I might just get sucked up into the vast ocean of twinkling lights above me.
Wishing always for something more.
The unattainable. Always wanting what I don't have.

Maybe to be free is really to realize you will never be free.
To accept life as it is, as it comes, flying at you one day at a time.
Acceptance: nothing will ever be what you want it to be, nothing will ever go according to plan.
To stop hoping the unimaginable will happen, because in reality it certainly never will.


Maybe to be free is to "just not give a fuck."


I agree, there is something very wrong about this statement, and previous ones, but there's also something that makes perfect sense in a bitter, cruel, real way.
The freedom of not letting society affect you.
because I want to beat society. I want to overcome it, to come out on top.

Everyone is so caught up in worrying about the future.
Maybe freedom is simply living in the moment.
To soak it up all while you can and you revel in that moment while you can, not worrying about tomorrow or the next minute, because that moment will be over in a second.
Just like that.


Maybe freedom is that moment.
Because, for that one moment, nothing mattered, nothing could harm you, nothing could ever fuck up that moment in time.




And I don't want my life to pass me by.
Maybe, I have finally found in my own way finally how to be free, even if just for a moment, because I will never really be free at all, except in that moment.

"And you were only waiting for this moment to be free," -The Beatles
hope this isn't too obtuse, or too depressing.
I just had that compulsion to write what I was feeling.
I included some of my photography that has of course been photoshopped a bit.
Thanks for reading.
love always,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I tell tails tall as cliffs, but the Margot show is not one of them!

So... for any of you Margot fans out there, I'm sure you will appreciate this. I was lucky enough to get to go to see Margot (and the Nuclear So and So's) at the Buskirk something rather theater in Bloomington! It was by far, one of the best concerts/shows I've been to yet. Great energy from the band and audience. I love it because they're actually from Indiana, so their songs have references that only a Hoosier would be able to appreciate in full. It makes the whole experience so much more personal.
Sooo....who better to see one of your mutually favorite bands with than your best friend. :)
This is Christine and me. I've known her since I was a wee child and would be utterly lost with out her in my life.

pretty much front row. :) unfortunately we were situated directly next to the amplifier. I thought I was going to go prematurely deaf in my left ear.

We parked behind the venue (and I am SOOO glad!) because we ran into a couple of the band members on our way to the car!! EEP! I'm sure I thoroughly made an ass of myself in front of this lovely stud muffin, but oh well. :D
me- "Oh my god, I think that's them!" So we walked up and did what any fan would... asked for a picture! me again- "Not to be obnoxious, but could I get a picture with you?" I thought I was going to die.
They're very down to earth people though. He was really nice and asked my name and such and then told me his name (which I need to look up, because I was so giddy I can't remember what it was!)

I love the keyboardist. She was adorable. And of course Richard... he could be as filthy and as wasted as he wants and still be the most attractive thing on the planet.

(which, he was wasted... and filthy... but I still think I am in lovee!)

So basically, I've turned into a giddy little school girl all over because of this concert. I have listened to nothing but Margot since the concert, and if you don't know them:


PLEASE look them up!
it's for your own well-being,
trust me.


their albums:
Not Animal
and the best: Dust of Retreat


for more info on this lovely band just visit this link:


always with love,

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's been a while... so sorry!

Oh boy. So I have been swamped with homework as the new school year has start now. I'm taking 3 A.P. courses (Government, Art History, and English) and it is proving to be a very difficult task. I've had NO time to blog; I've had NO time for anything... even sleep! But, as a diligent student, I've set my mind to get good grades and not succumb to senioritis. It will be difficult, but I can do it! I think.. I hope.. :) College admissions, and such, are pretty exciting. It's so odd to feel so old. I've been around for almost 2 decades now... I'm practically a senior citizen, well maybe not, but it certainly feels like it.

So anyways, I've decided it was REALLY time for me to update my blog (err, seeing as it's been... oh dear... a month?). Sorry! School take priority though. Haha! Not that I really have any constant readers anyways.

(the BEFORE)
oh my!

But I decided to put this little tid bit up. I found this skirt at... you guessed it... your favorite thrift store and mine, GoodWill! It was ugly but I saw the potential, took it home, sewed it up a bit, and ta-da! --A chic, cute, and unique skirt! Belted, and worn with my favorite grey cardigan and a grey wife beater.
(the AFTER)
oh my!
Haha, sorry about the horrible washed out pictures... But you get the gist of it.
thanks for reading lovelies...
with love,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's Adventures.. and Awesome Finds!

So, I was supposed to go to the IMA today with my sister as a late B-day present, but unfortunately our plans got rained out by a tremendous thounder storm. :c
But! the day turned out fun anyways. We watched movies until the thounderstorm/tornado had passed and then decided to go to the downtown mall. Then.... we failed to find a free parking space, hydroplaned (which really shook up my sister), and then proceeded to travel down a road that we didn't know. LOL, but it was fun exploring. I took some pictures, but they suck. We ended up out in the country somewhere, all the houses were cute and had little gardens.
SO THEN... we went home.
and stopped by Goodwill on the way!
I love Goodwill and found some cool shiz today.
Cool item #1
Super cute vintage-esque purse! It definitely looked like a thrift store find, which is why I liked it.
Cool item #2
Awesome puffy shorts! I'm sure there's a real name for them, but I don't know it. They make me think of nautical nonsense or something. Hahaa, or else Miss Muppet pants. Eeep! I love them. :D

Ahh, and I always find a way to sneak my jewelry in here! ;)
See the necklace? Yes? It has a bow that ties on the side. Made by me! If you would like to buy it just let me know, I'd be happy to sell it. However, it's not currently in my store.


So yep! I also got a couple cardigans and drapey shirts. I got almost 10 items for under 16 bucks. I love me a good bargain. Thrift stores/antique shops are always adventures. I love searching for those treasures and you know they're a one of a kind find. :)


Sorry IMA, maybe next time.

with love,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Senior Photots Part 1

Pink wall!
I love the effect Rachel did on this one!
again... the pink wall! I love it!
weeping willows in Franklin Park. pretty pretty..
I like this one a lot!!
props to Rach for taking some awesome photos. :)
Walkin' the dog.
^This one is Rachel's fav. She loves my chiseled cheek bone. :)
Love the willows! We got eaten alive by mosquitos though! Omgooosh, it was horrible!
^This one is my personal favorite. I love it.


All these photos were taken by my sister, Rachel. Check out her blog for more cool stuff.


with love,


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flapper Inspirations

So I'm utterly in love with the whole 20's vintage look/style.
Maybe it's spawning from my interest in old people. I don't know.
I know these pictures suck since I had to take them myself,
in my poorly lit room and small mirror, but just bear with me.
I found this tulip skirt at a cute little boutique in Broadripple.
I'm in also in love with these little boutiques everywhere,
Mmm! especially this place called the Girly Chic Boutique!!
It has the absolute cutest interior!! I'll put up some pics...

The place is covered in chandeliers and floral wallpaper. There was even a vintage sofa that looked like it was straight out of the movie Marie Antoinette. This whole place looked like it was straight out of that movie. I am in lovee!

I hear this lady owns her own bakery too! How cute!

But, I found this Flapper esque headband in a secret sale section at Khols. I don't usually shop there, but ever since they aquired the Vera Wang line... I'm in love! And yes, the headband is Simply Vera by Vera Wang. I love her stuff. It always has a little something to make it unique and stand aside from the norm. She's probably one of my favorite designers.

Hahaa! And Betsy Johnson, just because she is sooo crazy!

Oh... and see that necklace?? Yes, it is an old school bicycle! I made it and it is for sale on my artfire store. So... if you're interested and absolutely love it, go ahead and check it out.


with love,

your favorite little jewelry designer...


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Free as a bird

Free as a bird,
it's the next best thing to be.
Free as a bird.
Home, home and dry,
like a homing bird I'll fly
as a bird on wings.

Whatever happened to
the life that we once knew?
Can we really live without each other?

Where did we lose the touch
that seemed to mean so much?
It always made me feel so...
Free as a bird,
it's the next best thing to be.
Free as a bird.


So... there's a new tattoo I want. I've decided upon a birdcage with the door open and a little birdy flying free. For people who know me, the reasons are obvious. But for everyone else, I'll fill you in.
Basically, I've led a sheltered life. My parents were and are ultra conservative and I never got to get out much as a kid. I always got that sense of being in a cage, especially when my mother wouldn't let me attend other little kids' birthday parties just because she didn't like their family. I guess she was just doing what she thought was best, and trying to protect me. But I just wanted to be free. I'm a free spirit, a free soul. There's no keeping me back, because I will just find a way out, a way to be free. Free as a bird.



Haha, and so that's why I want this tattoo. It's very fitting, actually it fits me like a glove and I'm in love with this new idea. I can't wait to get it! I'm definitely going to brainstorm and tweek it a little bit. I was thinking maybe lyrics from above song (just the free as a bird part) like on a ribbon or something. I think I like the cage in the center of the back though. But I definitely want a different bird than the one in this picture, and maybe bigger.


I would love any input! So if you have any photos that you think would look good or go well with please send them!! All feed back is welcome! :D

Love, Becca

Friday, July 24, 2009

There's a story behind everyone.

So there's this old man at my work named Lloyd. His occupation is Meijer Greeter. Yes, I currently work at Meijer and hate it. I sell credit cards and hear I'm not too shabby at it either. It's horrible, I've really wanted to quit from the first day I clocked in. I feel like I'm in a relationship that I don't know how to end.

I just need to BREAK UP with Meijer.

(lol, this is not Lloyd, but it looks like something he'd do)

But anyways, this guy Lloyd. A delightful old man with a story behind him. That's what I love about old people, there's always a story behind them. A life, living breathing history ready to tell a first hand account. The sad thing about Lloyd is he has Alzheimer's. This disease just keeps coming back to haunt me and bite me in the ass. I HATE it, it's truly one of the most horrible things I can even imagine. My grandma also suffers from it, but that's a WHOLE other story in itself.

But Lloyd. A dear old man with a story, a life story. Most people at my work don't give him the time of day and think he's incredibly annoying. I confess, I've been guilty of getting a little annoyed with him at times. Especially when he starts his rants about Jesus. But I can deal with it. After all, my parents are pretty religious and I grew up in the church although I have my own suspicions of God and the afterlife.

But Lloyd, he finally remembers my name now and repeats it to himself every time he sees me. Lloyd, he's worked at Meijer for almost 14 years and every time he sees me he repeats my name followed by the story of how his parents best friends were named Becky and Frank. They had no children. I know this story well. Sometimes he sings to the customers. Almost every time I see him, he asks if I know Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Then he sings a song by them. I know this song well. "Only you can make my dreams come true, only you... blah blah blah."
Then he sings another song. It's funny how his train of thought always travels the same path. He's quite predictable. I know this path well. Everyday when Lloyd walks into work, he carries his trusty umbrella and flashlight, "Just in case," he says.

One time he couldn't find his umbrella. The sun was shining brightly. He decided to go search the other end of the store. A good 30 minutes later he finally returns, with umbrella in hand. He chuckles and tells me he left it at home. Lloyd resides in the apartments next to Meijer. Silly Lloyd. He's such a character. He could've got fired for that.

Today I decided to talk to Lloyd. Ask him some questions, find out his story, his living, breathing, 1st hand account of history. Somewhere on that predictable train of thought, the tracks led Lloyd to tell me about each of his siblings. He listed them off on his fingers, one of which is partially missing. A story behind this nubby, nailess finger. Of course I am going to ask.
I was hoping for a war story, but in reality he lost it while working in a factory when he was like 15. "Be careful when working with that dangerous stuff," he warns me. Oh, I will Lloyd. I will.

Anyways, I was interested in the subject of his brothers and sisters. I asked him if they were still living and he had to struggle to remember. He then proceeded to list them off on his fingers a couple more times before answering. The oldest two had died; this much he knew. He had to flip flop between who died first though. A little thing like this is extremely difficult for Lloyd and he loses focuss simply because he forgets what he's talking about. But after telling me their names he says his sister visited him not to terribly long ago, when in all honesty it could've been years. Lloyd doesn't really know the difference anymore. "And what about the youngest brother," I ask him? "Oh my brother? Hmm, oh, he's dead. Yes, he died I think." A very matter of fact statement. Poor Lloyd. He only has one sibling left out of the original 4 (2 brothers & 2 sisters) and I think she lives in Texas. I can't be sure.

Then that made me wonder, does he have kids? A wife? What did he do before Meijer? All these mysteries which would seem simple questions but in fact are difficult for Lloyd.

Oh Lloyd, what a character.

I found out he has 3 children. He never told me about his wife, maybe I'll ask again next time. I found out he lives with his daughter, I suppose she takes care of him. Keeps him on track. oh Lloyd, how funny you are. I found out that before he worked at Meijer he sold religious books. For his entire life, he sold religious books! He graduated high school and went to a religious college. I asked him the name but he said he'd have to think about that. He really wanted to be a minister, but he needed money so he sold books. This explains the Jesus rants. He loves to tell this one story about how he believes Jesus sang on the cross. I know this story well. I found out that his parents raised him in some weird cult like church that met on Saturday instead of Sunday.

Oh, poor Lloyd. Poor, poor God-fearing Lloyd. From his drippy nose and furry ears, to his age spots and orange dollar store bought bifocals. It's a sad story kind of. I found out that he went door to door selling weird bible books about a denomination that met on Saturdays. He wanted to be a minister, but instead he ended up going door to door just to make ends meet. And then when he couldn't make ends meet anymore, 14 years ago, he applied at Meijer just to make those damn ends meet again.

From his singing, to his bible selling, to his nubby index finger which holds his trusty umbrella and flashlight. There's a story behind everyone. You just have to take the time to listen and ask. Lloyd's story is more sad than monumental but it deserves to be told the same as anyone else's.

I hope someday when I'm old, I have a freaking good story to tell. I hope someone will take interest in mine and learn from it. I hope I achieve my goals. Lloyd wanted so bad to be a minister... I just wish he could've been a freaking minister. I hope to God that I don't have to sell books when I truly wanted something else.

Poor, silly Lloyd. Poor silly old fart.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Take a Chance on me?

Hello friends, sorry its been a while. I haven't had internet connection in quite sometime, unless you count the stealing of the neighbors internet which is really pretty touchy and loses connection every couple minutes.

So I've been thinking lately, and I think I really would like to pursue a career in the fashion industry. It's really what makes me happy. I would put up a picture for you of the plaid pencil skirt that I made from scratch, but I'm lacking my camera cord right now. I was pretty proud of myself. It was the first thing I'd ever sewed from scratch. Of course I'd sewed things before, but it was mainly just altering stuff that was already made. But this skirt looked sharp, let me tell you. I wore it with my Steve Madden heels and a tucked in black top.

But I was thinking, and I really think that is what I want to do with my life. Maybe not "fashion designer" but maybe a stylist? I'm good at picking out outfits? Some people do that for a living, right? Like what's their face on What Not To Wear. They basically just pick out outfits. I would love to do that, well and I already do for most of my friends. I just have a knack for knowing what looks good on some people.

My sister wants me to get one of those bodice things to sew on. I think they are silly. I want to start taking sewing classes or something now. I just don't want to regret not doing what I love. It's silly, but I got all this from watching the movie "The Women." It was actually an alright movie. But the point is, when Meg Ryan hit rock bottom and then she ended up making her own line of clothes which was what she'd always wanted to do but never had the chance. I don't want that to be me. I want to take that chance when it comes and if it comes. I want to do something I love and that I am actually good at.

P.S. This makes me laugh:

P.S.S. Buddy Holly makes me giggle:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

FUN and Juicy NEW jewelry!!!

Necklace # 1: Leafy Long Necklace
can be worn multiple ways!
wrapped around twice or...

just long and pretty!

Necklace # 2: Candy Owl Necklace
(sure to add some indie "flavor" and vintage "sweetness" to your wardrobe.

soo deliciouss!!!

owl charm,
button/feather charm,
"wish" charm,
and heart/lavender bead charm

Necklace # 3: Juicy Leaf Necklace

had detailed metal findings on either side of clasp

close up of leaves!

the whole juicy effect..

if you are interested in purchasing any of these items then just go to
or just leave feed back for me on here if you have any comments or ideas!
with love,