Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yesterday is just a memory, tomorrow is never what it's supposed to be

So the Kinkoph house hold has been under a lot of stress lately. Issues, and such. Some big changes are occuring and I believe for the better. Sometimes for things to become better, you have to hit your lowest point first, then it all goes up from there. Me and Rachel have been visiting a lot of parks lately, just to chat and take pictures (and get our minds off things). Nature can be so relaxing. There's nothing like deep heart felt conversations out in the middle of woods or by a creek. Hopefully we can go camping some day, I've actually never been! The whole bug thing seems like it would be a pain in the ass, but I could deal. :)

So today, we went to Beech Grove park. Sometimes we just drive around until we find something. The other day we found this very lovely park with trails into the woods and a big creek.

Some of Rachel's awesome photo-skillzz. Nature is so calm and beautiful. It just makes all the stress in life melt away. I recomend a visit to your local park if you haven't been lately. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon.

We tried to skip some rocks, but FAILED. Except for once. My rock skipped 3 times and I was so very proud. :)

P.S. I LOVE the boots SO much! Not the most detailed picture, but they have 3 little buckles on the side and are a dark slate grey. Target. I. Love. You.

I guess I'm just glad I have my sister in my life. I can't imagine having gone through everything with out her by my side. She's more than my best friend, because she's my sister. We'll always have each other, in everything. Even when times get pretty tough like they have been lately, I'll always be there when she needs me, and I know I can expect the same from her.

haha, there's Rachel's blog if you feel like creepin' on her.
I'm sure she'll appreciate it. :)


thanks for reading lovelies


always with love,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just some food for thought: "You were only waiting for this moment to be free"

What is it really to be free? Will one ever find genuine freedom in this world we live in?
The pursuit of happiness. To me, happiness is freedom.
The unattainable. Something is always going to hold us back, to tie us down.
I've been chasing it all my life, ever since I was a little kid, I remember staring up at the sky, getting lost in the stars, hoping with all my heart that I might just get sucked up into the vast ocean of twinkling lights above me.
Wishing always for something more.
The unattainable. Always wanting what I don't have.

Maybe to be free is really to realize you will never be free.
To accept life as it is, as it comes, flying at you one day at a time.
Acceptance: nothing will ever be what you want it to be, nothing will ever go according to plan.
To stop hoping the unimaginable will happen, because in reality it certainly never will.


Maybe to be free is to "just not give a fuck."


I agree, there is something very wrong about this statement, and previous ones, but there's also something that makes perfect sense in a bitter, cruel, real way.
The freedom of not letting society affect you.
because I want to beat society. I want to overcome it, to come out on top.

Everyone is so caught up in worrying about the future.
Maybe freedom is simply living in the moment.
To soak it up all while you can and you revel in that moment while you can, not worrying about tomorrow or the next minute, because that moment will be over in a second.
Just like that.


Maybe freedom is that moment.
Because, for that one moment, nothing mattered, nothing could harm you, nothing could ever fuck up that moment in time.




And I don't want my life to pass me by.
Maybe, I have finally found in my own way finally how to be free, even if just for a moment, because I will never really be free at all, except in that moment.

"And you were only waiting for this moment to be free," -The Beatles
hope this isn't too obtuse, or too depressing.
I just had that compulsion to write what I was feeling.
I included some of my photography that has of course been photoshopped a bit.
Thanks for reading.
love always,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I tell tails tall as cliffs, but the Margot show is not one of them!

So... for any of you Margot fans out there, I'm sure you will appreciate this. I was lucky enough to get to go to see Margot (and the Nuclear So and So's) at the Buskirk something rather theater in Bloomington! It was by far, one of the best concerts/shows I've been to yet. Great energy from the band and audience. I love it because they're actually from Indiana, so their songs have references that only a Hoosier would be able to appreciate in full. It makes the whole experience so much more personal.
Sooo....who better to see one of your mutually favorite bands with than your best friend. :)
This is Christine and me. I've known her since I was a wee child and would be utterly lost with out her in my life.

pretty much front row. :) unfortunately we were situated directly next to the amplifier. I thought I was going to go prematurely deaf in my left ear.

We parked behind the venue (and I am SOOO glad!) because we ran into a couple of the band members on our way to the car!! EEP! I'm sure I thoroughly made an ass of myself in front of this lovely stud muffin, but oh well. :D
me- "Oh my god, I think that's them!" So we walked up and did what any fan would... asked for a picture! me again- "Not to be obnoxious, but could I get a picture with you?" I thought I was going to die.
They're very down to earth people though. He was really nice and asked my name and such and then told me his name (which I need to look up, because I was so giddy I can't remember what it was!)

I love the keyboardist. She was adorable. And of course Richard... he could be as filthy and as wasted as he wants and still be the most attractive thing on the planet.

(which, he was wasted... and filthy... but I still think I am in lovee!)

So basically, I've turned into a giddy little school girl all over because of this concert. I have listened to nothing but Margot since the concert, and if you don't know them:


PLEASE look them up!
it's for your own well-being,
trust me.


their albums:
Not Animal
and the best: Dust of Retreat


for more info on this lovely band just visit this link:


always with love,

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's been a while... so sorry!

Oh boy. So I have been swamped with homework as the new school year has start now. I'm taking 3 A.P. courses (Government, Art History, and English) and it is proving to be a very difficult task. I've had NO time to blog; I've had NO time for anything... even sleep! But, as a diligent student, I've set my mind to get good grades and not succumb to senioritis. It will be difficult, but I can do it! I think.. I hope.. :) College admissions, and such, are pretty exciting. It's so odd to feel so old. I've been around for almost 2 decades now... I'm practically a senior citizen, well maybe not, but it certainly feels like it.

So anyways, I've decided it was REALLY time for me to update my blog (err, seeing as it's been... oh dear... a month?). Sorry! School take priority though. Haha! Not that I really have any constant readers anyways.

(the BEFORE)
oh my!

But I decided to put this little tid bit up. I found this skirt at... you guessed it... your favorite thrift store and mine, GoodWill! It was ugly but I saw the potential, took it home, sewed it up a bit, and ta-da! --A chic, cute, and unique skirt! Belted, and worn with my favorite grey cardigan and a grey wife beater.
(the AFTER)
oh my!
Haha, sorry about the horrible washed out pictures... But you get the gist of it.
thanks for reading lovelies...
with love,