Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Snow, Go Away

THE STORM. It arrived last week, deposited it's fluffy white matter, and has yet to leave. I ask myself this: What ever happened to Global Warming?? This year has definitely deminished that myth. Although the cold, wetness is a bit miserable, there is beauty in it. I came home one day and there were little birdy foot prints all along my porch. :)

The sunshine was trying to peer through a little bit.

And this is my painting that I finally finished. It pretty much parallels the idea I want for my tattoo. Hahaha, funny story. My old washed up art teacher pretty much told me that it's not REAL art. I know she's just a crazy old lady and everyone told me not to listen to her, but it just made me so mad. I put a lot of time and effort into that painting and it means a lot to me and for her to just say it wasn't anything hurt. BUT, whatever. Not that her opinion really matters anyways.

I also found out that I'm accepted to Ball State and I have to get a portfolio together to be accepted into their art program. I'm double majoring in Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising and then minoring in Photojournalism. I figure with that kind of schooling I could do a variety of things. Best to keep the options open.

Have a lovely, snowing week! depending on where you live.
love, Becca